General info of team Red miner

Team Red Miner or TRM for short is one of the most productive manners for AMD graphics cards. The miner runs on Windows and Linux operating systems. Team Red Miner works with almost all cryptocurrency algorithms, mining of which is carried out on video cards. The standard commission manner for most algorithms is 2.5%, for Et hash 1% for Navi/Vega graphics cards and 0.75% for Polaris. TRM successfully works with video cards with a 4GB memory capacity on Ethereum, even after the size of the DAG file has exceeded 4GB. At the same time, as in the case of other programs, mining goes with a reduced hashrate.

With the latest versions, it includes rewritten Ethash cores and new mining modes for all types of GPUs. This means that you should get a better hashrate with slightly less power consumption on the most recent AMD GPUs. In general, Team Red Miner (TRM) behaves similarly to other AMD Temash manners, the key difference is additional mining modes (B/C modes) that use additional VRAM on GPUs for further positive effect.

Download Team Red Miner:

Team Red Miner v0.10.6 Windows


Team Red Miner v0.10.6 Linux


Fast Start

  1. After download, extract archive into folder. Better on C disk, for example C:\Teamredminer
  2. Then open gminer .bat file in text editor (for example Notepad++). For example mine_etc.bat
  3. Change dev wallet from 0x257999Cf9B9d2A952E31a9E475Ef258f27620ef4 to your ETH wallet.


Some algorithms are not supported by some GPU architectures and/or drivers, as well as supported algorithms and commission

EthashYYYYYEthash on Polaris GPUs0.75
Kawpow Y Y Y Y Y Ethash on all other GPUs1.0%
Verthash Y Y Y Y Y Kawpow2.0%
Firopow Y Y Y Y NAutolykos22.0%
CryptonighR N L L L N Cryptonight R2.5%
Cryptonight v8 upx2 N L L L N Cryptonight v8 upx22.5%
Cryptonight v8 turtle N L L L N Cryptonight v8 turtle 2.5%
Cryptonight v8 half N L L L N Cryptonight v8 half2.5%
Cryptonight v8 double N L L L N Cryptonight v8 double 2.5%
Cryptonight v8 rwz N L L L N Cryptonight v8 rwz2.5%
Cryptonight v8 N L L L N Cryptonight v8 2.5%
Cryptonight heavy N L L L N Cryptonight heavy2.5%
Cryptonight haven N L L L N Cryptonight haven 2.5%
Cryptonight saber N L L L N Cryptonight saber2.5%
Cryptonight conceal N L L L N Cryptonight conceal 2.5%
Chukwa-512 N L L L N Chukwa-512 (Turtlecoin)2.5%
Chukwa-1024 N L L L N Chukwa-1024 (Turtlecoin) 2.5%
x16r N YYY N x16r2.5%
x16rv2N Y Y Y N x16rv2 2.5%
x16s N YYY N x16s2.5%
x16rtN Y Y Y N x16rt 2.5%
Cuckatoo31N Y Y YY N Cuckatoo31 2.5%
Cuckarood29 N YYY N Cuckarood292.5%
Lyra2rev3N L L L N Lyra2rev3 2.5%
Lyra2z N LLL N Lyra2z3.0%
Phi2 N L L L N Phi23.0%

Support legend:

Y = Supported
N = Not supported
L = Limited support: algos are supported on windows and linux with amdgpu-pro drivers, not supported on ROCm drivers.

GPUs supported and tested:

Navi – RX 5700(XT)/5600(XT)/5500(XT) for supported algos in the table below.
Big Navi – RX 6900XT, RX 6800(XT), RX 6700(XT), RX6600XT – same support as for Navi.
Vega – RX Vega 64/56, Vega FE, Radeon VII (Vega 2)
Polaris – RX 580/480/570/470/560/460/550
Fiji – R9 Fury/Fury X/Nano, MI8 (supported but with very limited testing).
Tonga/Antigua – R9 285/285X/380/380X, W7100, S7150 (beta support from 0.8.2. Only ethash+kawpow available.)

The miner reports the hash rate of the GPU every 30 seconds. These are the full hashrates of the GPU before deducting the development fee.
Includes a read-only API based on cgminer-5.5 API. Both json and text formats are supported.
The miner also includes an API compatible with the Claymore miner, with support for a subset of the API.

For Polaris video cards (RX470 – RX580), the new miner and the new mode B gives an additional 0.4Mh/s and at the same time the power consumption becomes less by 0.89W
For Vega 56/64 graphics cards, the hashrate is increased by 0.27MH/s with a decrease in power consumption by 5.8W
The RX5700, with the same hashrate of 60mH/s, reduced power consumption by 9W
, unfortunately, the RX5600XT did not receive serious advantages, so for these video cards, mode A remains the default. If you want to flash your AMD videocard, it’s better to use Atikmdag Patcher.

We support only AMD video cards, for Nvidia card it’s better to use T-Rex miner or NBminer.

You can study in more detail the changes in hashrate, power consumption of various video card models and different versions of miners from the table below:

Nitro+ 580 8GB Samsung, core [email protected], mem [email protected], ref 30

VersionModeTuningHashratePowerDiff vs 0.7.21
0.7.21A-modeA25630.73 MH/ssensor 79.66W 
0.8.0A-modeA194 30.97 MH/ssensor 78.25W-1.41W
0.8.0B-modeB23231.13 MH/ssensor 78.77W-0.89W

Vega 56/64
Vega 56 ref Samsung, A-mode [email protected], B-mode [email protected], mem [email protected], TRM timings

VersionModeTuningHashratePowerDiff vs 0.7.21
0.7.21A-modeA87250.08 MH/ssensor 115.98W 
0.8.0A-modeA44850.32 MH/ssensor 111.15W-4.83W
0.8.0B-modeB45050.31 MH/ssensor 110.15W-5.83W

Radeon VII
Radeon VII Hynix, core [email protected], mem 1000MHz with timings

VersionModeTuningHashratePowerDiff vs 0.7.21
0.7.21B-modeB74087.87 Mh/ssensor 185.25W 
0.8.0B-modeB20887.85 Mh/ssensor 177.38W-7.87W
0.8.0C-modeC322100.4 Mh/ssensor 192.54W+7.29W +12.53Mh/s

Red Devil 5700XT Micron A-Mode [email protected], B-Mode [email protected], Mem 912 MHz

VersionModeTuningHashratePowerDiff vs 0.7.21
0.7.21A-modeA62456.05 MH/ssensor 105.82W 
0.8.0A-modeA62056.08 MH/ssensor 103.61W-2.21W
0.8.0B-modeB60856.01 MH/ssensor 96.83W -8,99W

Dual Mining

Mining pools

Awesome Miner can be used with any mining pool. The list below includes the predefined pools to make it easier to get started with mining on the most popular pools.

Algorithm Pool Algorithm Pool Algorithm Pool Algorithm Pool
Argon2IceMining – NIMLyra2REv3NiceHash – Lyra2REv3X16rZergpool – X16rX16rPickaxe.Pro – XGCS
Autolykos2NiceHash – Autolykos2Lyra2REv3Mining Pool Hub – Lyra2REv3X16rBlock Masters – X16rX16rPickaxe.Pro – XRD
CryptoNight HavenZergpool – CryptoNight HavenLyra2REv3BSOD – VTCX16rBSOD – BITCX16rtBSOD – GIN
CryptoNightV4 (CryptoNightR)NiceHash – CryptoNightV4 (CryptoNightR)Lyra2zNiceHash – Lyra2zX16rBSOD – CXCX16rtBSOD – VEIL
CuckaRood29NiceHash – CuckaRood29Lyra2zMining Pool Hub – Lyra2zX16rBSOD – EXOX16rtPickaxe.Pro – GIN
CuckaToo31NiceHash – CuckaToo31Lyra2zZergpool – Lyra2zX16rBSOD – FXTCX16rv2NiceHash – X16rv2
EtcHashMining Pool Hub – EtcHashLyra2zBlock Masters – Lyra2zX16rBSOD – HLXX16rv2Mining Pool Hub – X16rv2
EtcHashZergpool – EtcHashLyra2zBSOD – FXTCX16rBSOD – HTHX16rv2Zergpool – X16rv2
EthereumNiceHash – EthereumPhi2BSOD – AGMX16rBSOD – JINYX16rv2NLPool – X16rv2
EthereumMining Pool Hub – EthereumPhi2BSOD – LUXX16rBSOD – RVNX16sZergpool – X16s
EthereumZergpool – EthereumPhi2Pickaxe.Pro – LUXX16rIceMining – BITCX16sBlock Masters – X16s
FiroPowZergpool – FiroPowPhi2Pickaxe.Pro – AGMX16rIceMining – PHLX16sBSOD – PGN
KawpowNiceHash – KawpowPhi2Pickaxe.Pro – SPDRX16rIceMining – RVNX16sBSOD – XSH
KawpowMining Pool Hub – KawpowVerthashMining Pool Hub – VerthashX16rIceMining – XRD
KawpowZergpool – KawpowVerthashZergpool – VerthashX16rPickaxe.Pro – MDEX
KawpowNLPool – KawpowX16rNiceHash – X16rX16rPickaxe.Pro – RVN

Releases (changelog):

Team Red Miner v0.10.6

This release primarily adds support for CVP13 and VCU/BCU FPGA boards, but also includes a fix to allow Kaspa mining on MiningRigRentals.

README highlights:

  • General: Added fix for Kaspa mining on MiningRigRentals.
  • FPGA: Added Kaspa support for CVP13 and VCU1525 clones (BCU, BTU, ECU)
  • FPGA: Renamed E300 to E335C in preparation for supporting additional FPGA devices on E300 boards.
  • FPGA: Fixed broken TH53 temp/voltages display.
Windows binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer.exe  2c9853d29fb1474ed00ac73477adc27e245d554a2ba907d31b06e569f359214a
MD5     teamredminer.exe  2e5e53b6d948f05e5174f6a4a4fcc554
Linux binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      aca42c37690081a02d5c543a83ba06c743d7a7d7909a3d1187d7fcf20d06b1f4
MD5     teamredminer      a5526a22b7bdb12fb8ec71916b57a7a2
Linux armhf binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      8f2e17a004a3388b16023cbfd622d4d0d295125a7817b1ffbb1cf393a4634e75
MD5     teamredminer      d6fc15816517c4fe860db0df0603d3e9

Team Red Miner v0.10.5.1

Bugfix release replacing v0.10.5. All gpu miners running single algo kaspa using v0.10.5 should upgrade.

README highlights:

  • GPU: Kaspa single algo – fixed critical bug sometimes delaying shares, resulting in pool rejects.
  • GPU: Kaspa single algo – fixed solo mining against the Kaspa stratum bridge or other setups with no extranonce sent.
Windows binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer.exe  2377e69aadfe5029e1bb39e61bc000db70b354cade216196f2d31be5a3f5e800
MD5     teamredminer.exe  f819f57db07f4ecc9f3c1f044ed2f98e
Linux binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      fc49953a88727693fe37050027ec5d758094366034acc22b287922df5c7559b2
MD5     teamredminer      0c3173708637089aff57e4c7f3717c99
Linux armhf binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      ffe2fae5689e00c10d2df0fc048dd1daf02e057fd9973c4f47c91f5649bcbd6c
MD5     teamredminer      ea8485d0fe34bf230026c9dcfc68e83d	

Team Red Miner v0.10.5

The release brings dual Ethash+Kaspa mining for GPUs and Kaspa single algo support for FPGAs. For more details GPU users should check out DUAL_ETH_MINING.txt, and FPGA users should read through FPGA_KASPA_GUIDE.txt.

README highlights:

  • GPU: Kaspa single algo mining rewritten for minimal latency, optimizing for the Kaspa 1 sec block time.
  • GPU: Ethash+Kaspa dual mining now added, use –kas … –kas_end. The setup is identical to ETH+TON. See the update DUAL_ETH_MINING.txt guide for more details.
  • FPGA: Added KASPA single algo mining.
  • FPGA: Added core clock throttling based on regulator current limits for devices that support it (C1100, U50C, FK33)
  • FPGA: Added additional –debug voltage/current measurement prints for devices that support it (C1100, U50C, FK33)
Windows binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer.exe  98c300058f1a8a38bd4d4ae2f32d2bf079837734600da83596e2ea82a7e37891
MD5     teamredminer.exe  792ebe19733ebc4d2dbb0aeb38400bfb
Linux binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      9a7c92ce79edf31bf2ec2a56d64de6a46bad40a8157219018d436fc89a9b23fa
MD5     teamredminer      2e88adc223f45b3acc5c7776367d0e5a
Linux armhf binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      7a1fff83a6b613562459b7d44e381b6be309b8e25261a5fd3d24268afed0e80e
MD5     teamredminer      57677bf23291d9f63e2a27d056efbf07

Team Red Miner v0.10.4.1

Patch release fixing KASPA kernels for Radeon VIIs on PAL drivers (windows and older linux OpenCL) and gfx1011/1012 gpus like BC-160 and 5500XT.

README highlights:

  • GPU: Fixed Kaspa kernels for BC-160 (gfx1011) and Radeon VII family on older PAL drivers.
  • GPU: Fixed rare cases of ethash false alerts of dead gpus.
Windows binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer.exe  58b7f8e2eeceb87dd98b36a3596ff282b82a49dda463ee71865a5ed8a0204d69
MD5     teamredminer.exe  98e102e048185d79b85a6bdc9e22fb3e
Linux binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      deba915a4fbf208a094f7a9c0bf5743e8b4ad1d982ec419f310cd3feef7f4a3b
MD5     teamredminer      a17c165917e7dd375addc56201ca8b01
Linux armhf binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      8cbb5655f462dbaf812b93e429970799cf5454cbf985e36c525a8270c00ec320
MD5     teamredminer      0ffa727149f4c8758b4965c44774a0d6

Team Red Miner v0.10.2

Ethash “smooth power” patch release fixing a few small issues in v0.10.1. Also, we’ve written a small overview describing what this feature is about. It’s available here: smooth power overview.

README highlights:

  • GPU: Tweaked Polaris ethash tuning to work better with the new smooth-power setup.
  • GPU: Fix for Autolykos crashing on Polaris and 4GB GPUs.
  • GPU: Fix for Eth+Ton dual mining crashes with new smooth-power setup.
Main executable file hash info:
Windows binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer.exe  e35abaee6131910e4a8753ebba74c2a3628714db379a33373bb6913f88371c9c
MD5     teamredminer.exe  8915d11eff42e75983159947a9c1e748
Linux binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      a138bbed75361838f9e1c26e1d1167619a2393e40821731610b5cee585fec7ae
MD5     teamredminer      9351169eeebda5d277ace3033b1fb071
Linux armhf binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      bdd452d50b3735e8d6e14ab144fcd0c0f24a4e93d5e31419953fb543c69942fd
MD5     teamredminer      2e6c9e44739f84342ba0372831854fa3

Team Red Miner v0.10.1

This release brings improved efficiency for FPGA ethash bitstreams, better stability for ethash on Polaris and Vega GPUs, and a new linux-armhf binary for running on Raspberry Pi and Zynq hosts for FPGAs.

README highlights:

  • FPGA: Added new more efficient ethash bitstreams that use less power and can run at lower voltage.
  • FPGA: Added 32-bit linux armhf build for running on zynq/raspberry pi boards.
  • GPU: Reworked smooth power for improved stability, primarily on Polaris and Vega gpus.
  • GPU: Added –eth_smooth_power to control the smooth power scheduling feature.
  • GPU: Fixed bug causing Autolykos hashrate drop on VIIs.
Main executable file hash info:
Windows binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer.exe  9d299cba0db21f6b58b3f57708fc572c12e2e3cfc7b57c06f25ab5d3e848d07a
MD5     teamredminer.exe  e91c602c7893409d383a581f02fb7d68
Linux binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      928eacea98525fd7f33dab4c4abaa8811a9f0b263f7851f2b7982eace195d699
MD5     teamredminer      e22e3d0b9d6756882cfa89116187b64b
Linux armhf binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      319c85b4df431ae343659dc07f47d0a5773e8c737dcebca29f7319c8e9042271
MD5     teamredminer      81aaa05f97da74df72ad5045223e9291

Team Red Miner v0.10.0

R-mode public release bringing significant efficiency improvements on a range of AMD GPUs! Please read the Ethash R-mode tuning guide for more information and before enabling.

README highlights:

  • GPU: R-mode introduced. See separate documentation. Applicable for Vegas/VIIs/Navi10/Big Navi.
  • GPU: Smooth power transitions for ethash family algos.
  • GPU: Added support for multiple –api_listen and –api_listen2 endpoints (up to 8 total).
  • FPGA: Fixed crash bug with > 16 fpgas running in a single miner instance.
  • GPU: Added argument –gpu_sdma=on|off for special situations. For example, BC-250 needs –gpu_sdma=off.
Main executable file hash info:
Windows binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer.exe  b3644783d0458ae5543222114fa6182ee9410069ed20a1eb5f6a3962597213fb
MD5     teamredminer.exe  7e6f01310321d4055b2c1b00310676ba
Linux binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      4c364a950e95527baaa1668c3cd0c705a32f23350cc49a30379cb031298dea15
MD5     teamredminer      0b6730c5167c079dd82c1fae119f7189

Note: we also include a HiveOS custom miner package for the first time. This makes it possible to run two TRM instances on a single rig.

Team Red Miner v0.9.4.2

Small fixes and added support for the TUL TH53/55 fpgas. Replaces v0.9.4.1 due to a fixed regression bug, otherwise no changes.

README highlights:

  • GPU: Fixed eth+ton issue that could lead to a higher eth shares stale rate. Primarily for large gpus (6800/6900XT) with aggressive tuning.
  • GPU: Internal split of binaries helping some Vegas and Navis with crash issues on ethash from 0.9.2 and forward.
  • FPGA: Added initial support for TUL TH53/TH55.
Main executable file hash info:
Windows binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer.exe  9d83297e2f7e12e00aad2e3021dc5e2e1b9a258a8e3c53fdab3e4827840724f5
MD5     teamredminer.exe  b98ec196c9d8946ed813c80c98ae333a
Linux binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      1f109ef4d616ea321f3866c968f2663269ac6d16ea992acfc5f390f200e72d9e
MD5     teamredminer      1203587048dccf07ec9fdcaa88dd6406

Team Red Miner v0.9.4.1

Replaced by v0.9.4.2 due to regression bug for dual mining device selection.

Small fixes and added support for the TUL TH53/55 fpgas.

README highlights:

  • GPU: Fixed eth+ton issue that could lead to a higher eth shares stale rate. Primarily for large gpus (6800/6900XT) with aggressive tuning.
  • GPU: Internal split of binaries helping some Vegas and Navis with crash issues on ethash from 0.9.2 and forward.
  • FPGA: Added initial support for TUL TH53/TH55.
Main executable file hash info:
Windows binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer.exe  e7afe9e27659f628a971a3986224a5b06fc11a90b5967dae52909b36ad5e741a
MD5     teamredminer.exe  72c81d6ac8508f938c3962f60e42adaa
Linux binary checksums
SHA256  teamredminer      1ae06316b2ba518404f3c17b697c78d0d4cb2eb71264c275f4bebc95c92b476a
MD5     teamredminer      542b1068f7554f96a90d3702fa5c70aa

Team Red Miner v0.9.2.2

  • GPU: Added Vega support for dual ETH+TON.
  • GPU: Added automatic TON pool dialect for Whales Ton Pool at

Team Red Miner v0.9.2.1

  • GPU: Fixed a critical bug for Polaris and Vegas on Windows and Linux amdcl2, sometimes only reaching 50% poolside hashrate.
  • GPU: Added support for selecting dual algo devices using a “-d x,y,z,…” argument inside the –ton .. -ton_end clause.
  • GPU: Updated the DUAL_ETH_MINING.txt guide with the added features.

Team Red Miner v0.9.1

  • FPGA: Updated FPGA_GUIDE.txt with new devices, voltage tuning, and more.
  • FPGA: Added U50C/ECU50 FPGA suppport.
  • FPGA: Added custom SC firmware for C1100 and U50C.
  • FPGA: Added TRM SC firmware programming support, see –fpga_update_fw.
  • FPGA: Added voltage control for C1100 and U50C (using new firmware), see –fpga_vcc_int, etc options.
  • FPGA: Added support for additional FK33 sensors (hbm voltage, current sensors).
  • FPGA: Added support for DNAs in the –fpga_devices option.
  • FPGA: Added –fpga_allow_unsafe option for disabling safety limits.
  • FPGA: Added timeout for ethash DAG gen on FPGAs.
  • GPU: Added –eth_ignore_abort_fail to disable intensity adjustment due to failed aborts.
  • GPU: Added better handling of dead gpu logging in corner cases that previously didn’t mention a specific gpu.

Team Red Miner v0.9.0

Major new release now adding support for FPGA ethash mining.

README highlights:

  • Added initial FPGA ethash support. See FPGA_GUIDE.txt for details.

Team Red Miner v0.8.7

Maintenance release with network improvements. No algo changes. No need to upgrade unless you have network issues, see changes below.

README highlights:

  • General: added offline benchmark mode for (almost) all algos (see –benchmark).
  • Network: improved situations with the “Dev pool failed to connect.” error message appearing.
  • Users in China should preferably run with “–dev_location=cn”.
  • Network: added experimental support for DNS-over-HTTPS (see –dns_https and –dns_https_sni).

Team Red Miner v0.8.6.3

Emergency release for all ERGO miners! You must upgrade to this version before block 614400, roughly 24h from the time of release!

README highlights:

  • Autolykos2: emergency release to support larger pad size from block 614400. Some GPUs (mainly Vegas) will need higher core clocks to achieve the same performance as previous versions due to larger pads breaking some previous optimizations. More optimizations to come in future releases.
  • Autolykos2: added argument –autolykos_ignore_diff for certain pools that aren’t compatible with the ERGO reference miner pool implementation.
  • Progpow: fixed wrong –help text for –prog_micro_tune.

Team Red Miner v0.8.6.2

Small update release for 0.8.6

README highlights:

  • Firopow/MTP: added a synthetic algo ‘mtp_firopow’ that will use the correct algo given the system time and shut down the miner at the time of the Firo fork on Oct 26.
  • Ethash/progpow: split the ethash and progpow algos into separate binaries, mainly for some Vegas that ran into stability issues going from 0.8.5 to 0.8.6.
  • Autolykos2: added support for Tonga.
  • Advanced SSL usage: changed the default SSL behavior to not provide a SNI hostname during handshake. This simplifies running tunnels against TLS/SSL ports on public pools. See the updated –help section on the -o argument for how to force a SNI hostname being sent.

Team Red Miner v0.8.6

Added firopow for the Firo fork on Oct 26.

README highlights:

  • Firopow: new algo added for Firo’s upcoming fork (see Only testnet mining is available before the fork, see
  • Firopow/kawpow: rewrote tuning guide (see KAWPOW_FIROPOW_TUNING.txt).
  • Firopow/kawpow: slight hashrate improvements, mainly from choosing full gpu tuning by default and adding a micro-tuning mechanism for Polaris gpus (see new argument –prog_micro_tune).
  • Autolykos2: added high score support and display of submitted share difficulty.
  • General: fixed Radeon VII support on recent win drivers. NOTE: HBCC must be DISABLED for all Vegas.
  • General: fixed broken fan control for Navis on some driver versions.
  • General: improved Windows compute mode enable with automatic elevation (with –uac) and restart of gpus.

Team Red Miner v0.8.5

Beta implementation of clocks/voltages control (Windows only) and other small fixes. Let us know if you run into problems trying the clock/voltage controls.

README highlights:

  • General: added Windows clocks/voltage/built-in timings control (beta functionality). See section in –help and CLOCKS_VOLTAGE_CONTROL.txt.
  • General: fixed some issues with Windows fan control, mostly for Big Navi gpus.
  • General: added mem temp limits (stop/resume), see –mem_temp_limit and –mem_temp_resume.
  • Ethash: added support for forcing ethash pool hashrate reports (see –eth_hash_report).
  • Ethash: fixed hashrate reports for Crazypool when using failover pools.
  • Autolykos2: added extranonce subscription support for e.g. Nicehash.

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